Navigating business transformation can be perilous. Let us be your guide.

The Kavi Group provides advisory services to leaders seeking to make positive, sustainable change in their organization.

The Kavi Group

Our commitment is to your success.

The Kavi Group is a team of talented management consultants dedicated to delivering lasting value to our clients.

Our diverse advisory team comprises business executives, entrepreneurs, educators, lawyers, and artists. This range of experience enables us to analyze your business from multiple perspectives, invent unconventional approaches to your projects and tailor pragmatic solutions to your issues.

From the day you begin working with us, you will notice the difference. We will become an embedded part of your team driven towards a common purpose. We seek neither the spotlight nor the headlines. With ceaseless attention to detail, we deliver superior client service with the highest level of professionalism.

Thank you for your interest. All of us at The Kavi Group look forward to being at your service.

- Vivek Chakrabortty, CEO

Our insight comes from experience.

When faced with complex situations, our clients look to us for objective, thoughtful and experienced advice.

Unsure how to create lasting change? Under pressure to deliver results? We have helped clients achieve success by overcoming the following situations:

The client struggled to gain executive support despite expending tremendous time and effort in rolling out their program. Key stakeholders would not adopt change because they did not understand the value proposition. Adherence to the program was treated as a compliance effort rather than the strategic imperative it actually was.

After a promising start, a business critical initiative stalled midstream. Multiple attempts to revive it were unsuccessful. The reputation of the program was tarnished. The client was tasked with turning around the initiative immediately, rebuilding its credibility, and resurrecting its brand. Time was of the essence.

The client inherited a severely underperforming business unit. Key performance indicators were either wrong or did not align with strategic objectives. Unreliable data sources made it very difficult to identify root causes. Morale continued to decrease as team members struggled to understand how achieving their individual goals benefitted the overall organization.

A few years after the implementation of a global training program that spanned multiple business divisions in over 100 countries, the client began receiving negative feedback from participants. They complained that the materials had become repetitive, lacked creativity, and no longer met the needs of the organization which had evolved significantly since the program was implemented.

Collaboration is the core of our approach.

When you engage us, we commit to being your partner, your confidant, and your guide.

Our clients refer us because we keep their confidence and earn their trust. They retain us because we deliver lasting results that exceed expectations. Find out why:

We invent and champion unconventional solutions to problems.

Courage, objectivity, and a diversity of industry and functional expertise drive insights that enable us to mobilize organizations and achieve tangible results.

Valid data, rigorous analyses, external perspectives, root causes, and explicit logic serve as our foundations for developing new insights.

Through partnership, we resolve our clients' most significant issues.

We embed ourselves within client teams and work alongside them to identify real needs, build internal support, discover underlying issues, and reach practical recommendations.

By collaborating with our clients to create customized solutions, we transform status quo initiatives into competitive advantage.

We are successful only when our clients are successful.

In measuring our success by our clients' results, we align our economics with theirs. By wholeheartedly committing our resources, time and talent to every engagement, we ensure that there is never a trade-off between our and the client's interest.

Our clients always come first.

Your partner in change.

We invite you to experience the difference of collaborative consulting.

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